Founded in 1987, ATOM Serviços acts very expressively in the fields related to public health, urban cleaning, and environment.

By meeting the needs of our customers referring to quality and environmental and occupational safety, together with management systems, we offer solutions by specialized services to maintain green areas and vegetation management.

City governments, state and federal bodies, mixed companies, and private companies in our customer portfolio rely in our services.

Our main performed activities are:

Vegetal sanitation that consists in using herbicides to control or manage undesirable plants in non-agricultural environments, presenting the best results in management in areas such as industrial yards, highways, railways, and power substations.

Set of practices that provenly enable the establishment of a population of desirable plants, which growth traits do not interfere with the operational performance in areas such as power transmission lines.

Vegetation maintenance or control with proper tools or equipment referring to the area traits and the involved species.

Service that consists in applying safe techniques for full removal/suppression of specimens, sizing the right equipment for each activity.

Service that consists in a full or partial removal of undesirable branches, buds, and twigs, in order to achieve the defined objectives. It evaluates the growth cycle, the individual structure of the species, and the pruning type to be performed according to ABNT NBR 16246-1:2013